Managing your ships

with care

VG-Shipping is a Finnish family owned ship management company established in 1995. We have long experience in Crew Management, Technical Management and Safety Systems.

We provide professional ship management & services to several cargo ships, marine research vessel ‘Aranda’, hydrographic survey vessels and splitbarges.

We have long experience in overall ship management. Our services include crewing and recruiting services, technical and safety management, purchase and delivery services, financial services and consultancy

We are constantly on the lookout for qualified and competent staff to join our growing team of maritime specialists. We offer a wide range of positions on different kinds of vessels all year round.


Looking for Captains for Meriaura Group operated vessels

21.12.2020 in News

Meriaura Group continues the management of R/V ’Aranda’

VG-Shipping Oy and the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) have renewed the agreement for the management of marine research vessel ’Aranda’. VG-Shipping won the public tender in autumn 2020 for both…
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17.12.2020 in News

Meriaura Group stops using bottled water on its vessels to reduce waste

Meriaura Group intends to stop using bottled water on its vessels as part of the company's Zero Waste Fleet program. During autumn 2020 the company has installed drinking water dispensers…
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18.6.2020 in News

News from the Zero waste project: water dispensers for M/S Eeva VG

At sea, drinking water is very commonly purchased bottled, perhaps partly out of habit, but also for hygiene reasons. Ships' tank water does not always meet hygiene requirements, and it…
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17.6.2020 in News

VG-Shipping’s Board of Directors strengthened

Vg-Shipping’s Annual General Meeting on 16th of June has chosen a new board of Directors. The former members Satu Kairinen, Riinu Walls and Jussi Mälkiä were re-elected, and Antti Vehviläinen…
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Shipping with care

Meriaura Group is a family owned business group with a vision to be the leading forerunner in environmentally friendly, innovative and solution-oriented maritime transport and ship management services. We aim on keeping up the good work and growth that has been the hallmark throughout the company history. We believe that growth must be based on environmentally sustainable solutions and therefore also future investments will focus on reducing the overall impact on the environment. Further success can only be based on understanding customer needs and the ability to provide tailor made solutions for mutual benefit.

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Thoughts about shipping

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In the beginning of the week the government of Finland (like many others) announced that the state of emergency is over. Before that we had already taken steps towards ”the…

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