Managing your ships

with care

VG-Shipping is a Finnish family owned ship management company established in 1995. We have long experience in Crew Management, Technical Management and Safety Systems.

We provide professional ship management & services to several cargo ships, marine research vessel ‘Aranda’, hydrographic survey vessels and splitbarges.

We have long experience in overall ship management. Our services include crewing and recruiting services, technical and safety management, purchase and delivery services, financial services and consultancy

We are constantly on the lookout for qualified and competent staff to join our growing team of maritime specialists. We offer a wide range of positions on different kinds of vessels all year round.


News from the Ship Waste Reduction Project: Reviewing Food Supply and Food waste

17.12.2019 in News

VG-Shipping Technical Land Organisation strengthened

VG-Shipping’s technical land organisation has been strengthened by two seaman during 2019, and the whole team’s job descriptions have been partly redefined. The main objective of the land organisation is…
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15.12.2019 in News

Zero-emission fuel cell technology is tested on RV Aranda

The Finnish Enviroment Institute SYKE and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland have a joint project for testing hydrogen based fuel cell technology on R/V Aranda. A pilot plant that…
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8.10.2019 in News

Officers meetings 2019

VG-Shipping arranges again two officers meetings in Turku this autumn. The first set of masters and chief officers and engineers spent a day together in early October, and the second…
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2.9.2019 in News

Martta VG sold and delivered to new owners

VG-Shipping sold Martta VG to a long-term Partner on 2.9.2019. The ship's new name is 'Loraland' and is under the management of Klip Marine Shipmanagement. MV Loraland will remain in…
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Shipping with care

Meriaura Group is a family owned business group with a vision to be in the frontline in developing sustainable shipping. We aim on keeping up the good work and growth that has been the hallmark throughout the company history. We believe that growth must be based on environmentally sustainable solutions and therefore also future investments will focus on reducing the overall impact on the environment. Further success can only be based on understanding customer needs and the ability to provide tailor made solutions for mutual benefit.

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Thoughts about shipping

Meriaura Group blog


News from the Waste Reduction Project

In June, we announced the start of the waste reduction project ’MERI’ on our fleet. It received a great deal of publicity, even in the mainstream media in Finland. It…

Meriaura Group aims to create a zero-waste fleet

At the end of last year, we reported on research collaboration with the Finnish Transport Safety Agency TRAFI for reducing ship-generated waste. The purpose of the study was to assess what…

Meriaura takes its fleet to the next level

The old saying that “only change is permanent” is in today’s world perhaps more relevant than ever before. Although economical and political issues always involve uncertainty regarding the direction and…