VG-Shipping Technical Land Organisation strengthened

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VG-Shipping’s technical land organisation has been strengthened by two seaman during 2019, and the whole team’s job descriptions have been partly redefined. The main objective of the land organisation is to ensure uninterrupted performance of the vessels under VG-Shipping management, provide effective preventive maintenance, and monitor costs. The most important cooperation partner for the technical land organisation are the crews of the ships. The land organization supports masters and engineers onboard the vessels in decision making. Smooth cooperation, interaction and mutual communication between the land organisation and the crew are extremely important for a good outcome. VG-Shipping’s crewing and technical management services are unique in Finland. Our goal is to provide our partners with the most efficient, economical and practical service possible. Close cooperation with our stakeholders also guarantees the opportunity to develop and expand our services.

VG-Shipping Technical team from left to right: Lassi, Marcus, Krisu, Lasse and Thomas 

Thomas Friis, Fleet Manager, External Fleet (Aranda, Sampo, Wasa Dredging and Meritaito vessels)
Sea Captain Thomas has worked for VG-Shipping’s land organization since 2015. Before that he worked as a maritime teacher at Novia Maritime School. Thomas is responsible for the operations and service development of the vessels under VG-Shipping’s management services, and is also responsible for the development of environmental issues of the company.

Lassi Eloranta, Fleet Manager, Own Fleet (Meri, Aura, Polaris VG, Eeva VG, Mirva VG, Lotta VG and Aava VG)
Sea Captain Lassi has been working for VG-Shipping’s land organization since 2016. Lassi has worked on VG vessels since 1997, most recently as Captain of Aura in 2012-2016. Lassi is responsible for classification, survey, certification and docking arranagements of the vessels, and communiaction with authorities and insurance companies, as well as timing of dockings and repairs internally with chartering and operations departments. He is also the main responsible of the marine equipment of the ships.

Lasse Smirnov, Technical Manager
Chief Engineer Lasse joined VG-Shipping’s land organization in 2019, but Lasse has worked on VG-Shipping’s vessels since 2012, most recently as Chief Engineer in Aranda. Lassi is responsible for technical  maintenance of the fleet, as well as planning dockings and major maintenances and repairs with the Fleet Managers. Lasse is responsible for Aranda, Meri and Aura.

Ville Kristian ”Krisu” Koskinen, Technical Superintendent
Chief Engineer ”Krisu” has worked for VG-Shipping’s land organization since 2019. Before shifting to office he has worked as Martta VG’s Chief Engineer. Krisu is responsible for planning and organizing repairs and maintenance, under the Technical Manager, and is main user for ShipManager, company’s ship maintenance application. Krisu is responsible for, Eeva VG, Mirva VG and Polaris VG, and he is specializing in use of bio oil in ships.

Marcus Holmberg, Technical Superintendent
Marcus has worked for Meriaura Group since 2009, and VG-Shipping technical team since 2015. He is responsible for ship orders and managing purchases, as well as helping organising of maintenance and repairs.