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3.2.2021 in News

Looking for Captains for Meriaura Group operated vessels

We are continuously looking  for Captains for Meriaura Group operated dry cargo vessels. Certificate of Competence: Chief Mate STCW II/2 or Master STCW II/2. Finnish PEC license or possibility to…
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21.12.2020 in News

Meriaura Group continues the management of R/V ’Aranda’

VG-Shipping Oy and the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) have renewed the agreement for the management of marine research vessel ’Aranda’. VG-Shipping won the public tender in autumn 2020 for both…
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17.12.2020 in News

Meriaura Group stops using bottled water on its vessels to reduce waste

Meriaura Group intends to stop using bottled water on its vessels as part of the company's Zero Waste Fleet program. During autumn 2020 the company has installed drinking water dispensers…
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18.6.2020 in News

News from the Zero waste project: water dispensers for M/S Eeva VG

At sea, drinking water is very commonly purchased bottled, perhaps partly out of habit, but also for hygiene reasons. Ships' tank water does not always meet hygiene requirements, and it…
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17.6.2020 in News

VG-Shipping’s Board of Directors strengthened

Vg-Shipping’s Annual General Meeting on 16th of June has chosen a new board of Directors. The former members Satu Kairinen, Riinu Walls and Jussi Mälkiä were re-elected, and Antti Vehviläinen…
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9.4.2020 in News

Lotta VG sold, stays under Meriaura time charter

VG-Shipping’s M/VLotta VG has been sold to a long term partner. The vessel will stay under Meriaura time charter and in the fleet as before, so the sale will have…
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13.3.2020 in News

Coronavirus preparedness at Meriaura Group

Coronavirus has not affected our normal traffic, and we strive to keep all operations normal and serve our customers as usually. However, we have intensified hygiene, and canceled all non-urgent…
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18.12.2019 in News, Uncategorized

News from the Ship Waste Reduction Project: Reviewing Food Supply and Food waste

In our ship waste reduction project ”MERI”, launched earlier this year, we are now reviewing food and provisions. Food accounts for almost one third of the human impact on the…
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17.12.2019 in News

VG-Shipping Technical Land Organisation strengthened

VG-Shipping’s technical land organisation has been strengthened by two seaman during 2019, and the whole team’s job descriptions have been partly redefined. The main objective of the land organisation is…
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15.12.2019 in News

Zero-emission fuel cell technology is tested on RV Aranda

The Finnish Enviroment Institute SYKE and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland have a joint project for testing hydrogen based fuel cell technology on R/V Aranda. A pilot plant that…
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8.10.2019 in News

Officers meetings 2019

VG-Shipping arranges again two officers meetings in Turku this autumn. The first set of masters and chief officers and engineers spent a day together in early October, and the second…
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2.9.2019 in News

Martta VG sold and delivered to new owners

VG-Shipping sold Martta VG to a long-term Partner on 2.9.2019. The ship's new name is 'Loraland' and is under the management of Klip Marine Shipmanagement. MV Loraland will remain in…
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21.5.2019 in News

Aava VG’s godmother’s first visit

VG-Shipping's vessel, Aava VG visited the port of Naantali for the first time yesterday bringing a full and complete cargo of woodchips to the multi-fuel power plant. The ”godmother” of…
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9.5.2019 in News

Long term captains rewarded

The Finnish Shipowners’ Association has awarded VG-Shipping’s  Captains Satu Af Ursin and Peter Af Ursin a gold medal for long and exemplary work for the shipping industry. The requirements for earning a gold medal are that the recipient…
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20.12.2018 in News

Change of Management at Meriaura Group

The Board of Directors of Meriaura Group has appointed Master Mariner Ville Koskinen, 39, Managing Director of VG-Shipping Ltd. Ville Koskinen has been working at VG-Shipping since 2003, most recently…
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18.12.2018 in News

Meriaura Group is a gold sponsor for Team Rynkeby – God Morgon Turku in 2019

Meriaura Group has donated the yearly 'Christmas charity funds’ again to Team Rynkeby – God Morgon Turku team for helping children with cancer. This year we have a special reason…
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16.12.2018 in News

Research cooperation: How to reduce waste generated onboard

In 2018, Meriaura focused on reducing the amount of waste generated onboard the ships. The international MARPOL convention is very clear on what waste must be delivered ashore at ports,…
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14.12.2018 in News

Testing a new coating for reducing consumption

AAVA VG, the recent acquisition by VG Shipping Lrd, went into drydock in Tallinn in October-November. During the drydocking, her propeller got a new coating: a new and innovative nonstick-product,…
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10.11.2018 in News

Long-term captains rewarded

The Finnish Shipowners’ Association has awarded VG-Shipping’s  Captains Vidar Tollander and Jari-Pekka Mäkinen a gold medal for long and exemplary work for the shipping industry. The requirements for earning a…
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30.10.2018 in News

Officers meetings at VG-Shipping

VG-Shipping arranges two officers meetings in Turku in October. The first set of masters and chief engineers spent a day together in early October, and the second set will meet…
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29.10.2018 in News

Ensimmäinen hakelasti Naantalin voimalaitokselle

M/S Eeva VG toi ensimmäisen hakelastin Naantalin uudelle monipolttoainevoimalaitokselle. Kivihiilivoimalaitoksen viereen syksyllä 2017 tuotantokäyttöön vihitty  monipolttoainevoimalaitos käyttää polttoaineena kivihiilen ja jalostamokaasun lisäksi biopolttoaineita, kuten puuhaketta. Eeva VG:llä saapunut lasti oli…
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15.10.2018 in News

Meriaura Group ostaa kaksi 4100dwt:n rahtialusta

VG-Shipping Oy kasvattaa laivastoaan ostamalla kaksi rahtialusta. Hollannissa vuonna 1998 ja 1997 rakennetut 4100 DWT:n alukset ovat VG-Shippingin jo entuudestaan omistaman M/S Martta VG:n sisaraluksia. Alukset ovat 89,8 metriä pitkiä,…
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30.9.2018 in News

M/S Eeva VG in ice tests in brash ice channel on Bay of Bothnia

Aker Arctic, the Finnish specialist for designing ice-going vessels, is leading a research project with the aim to ensure that brash ice model tests in all model testing facilities correspond…
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7.9.2018 in News

R/V Aranda refurbished more environmentally friendly

The marine research vessel Aranda’s renovation project that began in August 2017 at Rauma Shipyard is coming to an end. The sea trials have been carried out during last week. The…
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3.9.2018 in News

Changes in VG-Shipping organization

Captain Eeva Karihaara (34) has been appointed Crewing Manager at VG-Shipping. Previously Eeva has worked at Trafi Maritime Qualifications department, and before this several years with crewing and payroll administration on Bore…
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20.6.2018 in News

Meriaura raportoi hiilijalanjäljestä

Meriaura on ottanut käyttöön merikuljetusten hiilijalanjälkiraportin. Raportti tuotetaan matkakohtaisesti Fleetrange-ohjelmiston avulla, joka on ollut Meriaurassa käytössä kesästä 2017. Fleetrange on pilvipohjaiseen IoT-teknologiaan perustuva ohjelma, jota on Meriaurassa pilotoitu yhteistyössä ohjelmiston…
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20.3.2018 in News

Rahtialus törmäsi Auraan Merenkurussa

Toinen rahtialus ajoi kansilastialus Auran perään maanantaina iltapäivällä Merenkurkussa. Aura oli jäänmurtaja Sisun hinauksessa ja näiden pysähtyessä jääpankkiin, törmäsi perässä ajanut lastialus Auran perään. Henkilövahinkoja ei sattunut, mutta molempiin aluksiin…
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7.1.2018 in News

Multipurpose vessel Aura’s 10th anniversary

Meriaura’s deck cargo carrier Aura’s 10th anniversary was celebrated in January. Aura was built at Remontowa Shipyard in Gdansk, Poland and was delivered to Meriaura on January 7 in 2008.…
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15.12.2017 in News

VG-Shipping and Gaiamare merger 1.1.2018

The ship owning companies in Meriaura Group, VG-Shipping Oy and Oy Gaiamare Ab, are merging on January 1st 2018. The merger decision is based on improving efficiency, simplifying corporate structure…
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1.11.2017 in News

VG-Shipping’s biofuel business transferred to VG EcoFuel Ltd.

VG-Shipping Ltd. and VG EcoFuel Ltd. have agreed on the transfer of bio-oil business in Uusikaupunki to VG EcoFuel. VG EcoFuel will continue the business without interruption from 01.11.2017 onwards.…
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15.8.2017 in News

VG-Shipping and Wasa Dredging start cooperation

VG-Shipping and Wasa Dredging Oy have signed a contract for the safety management (ISM & DPA) and crewing of two dredgers. The new vessels, “Sinann” and “Boann”, that are under…
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