Ship Waste Reduction Project “MERI”

Creating a zero waste fleet

Our commitment for the Baltic Sea and Oceans

In summer 2019 we started a project for minimizing the environmental footprint of our fleet. The goal of our project is to make the VG-Shipping fleet the least waste produing fleet by the end of 2020. Our broader goal is to make this a standard for the whole industry and go far beyond the minimum requirements set by MARPOL.

Our Waste Reduction Project “MERI” comprises 4 sub-areas:

  1. Minimizing of waste at source
  2. Enhancing Onboard Process & operation to reduce waste
  3. Recycling of waste materials is amplified
  4. Improving handling of residual waste products

In the first phase of the project, we collect ideas from our ships for practical implementation of the above-mentioned issues. We have instructed our ships that after 1st of July 2019, all grey and black waters must be left in the ports and discharges into the sea are not allowed, not even at a distance of 12 nautical miles from ashore, that is allowed by the present legislation.

In the second phase of our project, we strive to create standards for all our fleet’s practices aimed at reducing consumption, improving recycling and reuse of materials, minimizing food waste, and guiding the on-board meals to a more environmentally and climate-friendly direction, that also is healthier.

The ability of ports to handle and receive different waste fractions is in key position in minimizing the  environmental strain of ships. We hope that the ports in the Baltic Sea, where facilities to receive waste and recycled materials are still in need of improvement, are willing to take up the challenge.

We believe that the opportunity to personally influence on the state of the Baltic Sea will motivate all of us. Let’s make the change together!

For more information please contact project manager Thomas Friis