M/S Eeva VG in ice tests in brash ice channel on Bay of Bothnia

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Aker Arctic, the Finnish specialist for designing ice-going vessels, is leading a research project with the aim to ensure that brash ice model tests in all model testing facilities correspond with reality. Meriaura’s Eeva VG was the vessel used for the tests in brash ice channel in Kemi in Bay of Bothnia.

“The aim of the project is to test three different ways of modelling brash ice and to compare the behaviour to full scale, using the same vessel. The most reliable modelling method will then be adopted for future use. The ultimate goal is that model tests would correspond to real life in the best manner in order to give ship designers reliable guidelines for building safe vessels that correctly fulfil the ice class requirements,” tells Research Engineer Riikka Matala from Aker Arctic.

She praises the help and assistance received from Meriaura and the crew of Eeva VG last spring in Kemi. From the ship’s side it was exciting to follow the work of the researchers. “It was a great opportunity to take part in this interesting test”, says Thord Vaenerberg, Master of Eeva VG.

After the tests in the real ice channel, model tests were carried out with the same vessel model to see how well the tests correspond with reality. The tests were performed in three different ice-channels in the Aker Arctic’s laboratory’s ice basin.

The test results will be reported later by Aker Arctic. Read the whole article of the tests in Aker Arctic Newsletter Arctic Passion News